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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to cut cable and still watch TV?

Cut your cable and not your Channels

Cut the Cable and watch TV free
Cut the Cable and still watch TV

 OK. So you have decided to find the alternative for your cable because they charge too much?. Read this article and you would know how easy it is to cut your cable without loosing your favorite TV show.

   Yes! Corporate companies cut jobs and Americans cut cable. The cable subscriptions have gone sky high and more average Americans started ditching their cable companies.

    Have they stopped watching their favorite TV Shows, Movies and sports ?
    The answer is NO !

People cut cable because they pay for hundreds of channels they would never watch. So some companies started video-on-demand and streaming services online. Some of the popular streaming services are Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and Vudu. Click on their names to see what they offer. 

Amazon Instant Video

    These streaming channels have thousands of movies and all the popular TV Shows of your cable channels. Moreover you would get access to Youtube on your TV using these streaming players.
    Check the channels on the Roku player here..
   Check the channels on Apple TV here..
Apple TV
Youtube on Roku
Roku Youtube

To compare these top streaming services and their costs, Click here..

These video-on-demand services host a huge content online including your favourite TV shows and thousands of movies. They let you to choose what content you want and so you pay for only for what you watch.

 Can I get their service on my TV ?  Answer: Yes! You Can.

There are many streaming players available in the market such as Roku, Apple TV which allows you to get these video streaming services on your TV. These devices are available for one time purchase starting from $49.99

What are all the minimum requirements to use these streaming devices ?

1. You should have a TV.

    It doesn't matter if you have an old TV or  HD TV. If your Old TV has the rca port(Red,white and yellow ports) most of these devices will work.

2. High speed internet service.

    Since these devices have to download the movies and the TV shows from Internet you need a high speed internet service but they won't cost you much and most of us already have them for our computer. Some of the popular internet service providers are at&t, cox, Verizon, charter etc.

3. Wireless Router.

     Even most of these devices have an Ethernet port, a Wireless router or modem which would help you to connect these streaming devices to the internet without a wire.

What you don't need ?

1. You don't need a computer to use these streaming devices.

2. You don't have to be a geek to install and to use these devices
    They are just like a DVD player connected to the internet. All these devices come with a simple remote control.

    Roku and the Apple TV are the most popular streaming players among the others. Roku streaming players starts from $49.99 and you could get these devices from your nearest walmart, bestbuy or amazon.

To know more about the TOP STREAMING DEVICES and the various features they offer, follow our blog.

Actually you could do lot more than just streaming using these devices. If you have any questions, I could definitely help. Please leave your comments... 


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